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Revive, refresh, resharpen your skills with Francesca Rivetti-HairArt!!


Director of Education, Goldwell, UK

Francesca has always brought her brand of passion and enthusiasm along with an unlimited supply of talent to every event that she has worked on, whether its a in salon seminar, an Academy cutting/styling class, big budget photo shoots or performance on various main stages i.e. Intercouiffure NY and Cosmoprof Las Vegas. I am sure that anyone taking advantage of her teaching will not fail to come away having more confident in their skills.


Instructor Hairdressing diploma,Cambridge college of hair, UK

I am a Hairdressing Diploma teacher in a College in Cambridge. England and I often show my students The website that holds all of the pictures Of Francesca's work to try and inspire and motivate them. I have over 100 students and the pictures never fail to get a gasp of appreciation when I present them to my students. We use the themes that Francesca adopts in her Hairdressing presentations and portfolio to try and stimulate imagination in my future trainee Hairdressers as they are always so Professional, very imaginative and Inspiring and of a very high quality.


Salon owner, FABRIK Salon, Montana,USA

I have known Francesca for a good fifteen years through the company Graham Webb and shared many unforgettable hair shows with her! and once you meet Francesca you never forget her !!! She is vivacious, and a very talented educator, motivating and inspirational. I love the way she thinks of an inspiration and transpires it into reality!
Her zest and energy for hair is inspirational to me! She truly would be an asset to anyone's salon to share her tapestry of hair knowledge.


Owner Studio Elan, Connecticut, USA

Having worked with Francesca for many years as educators, she never fails to amaze me. Her innovative mind continues to push the boundaries of hair. Her ability to communicate and convey her ideas to other hairdressers is precise and clear. Anyone who attends her academy will be strengthened in the art of hair.
I wish her nothing but the best.

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