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The S.S.S. haircut is an advanced method for the modern-day shag for the curious hair artist. This online course is broken down into mindful modules to get you from point A understanding the head shape, mapping the sections for the S.S.S haircut and defining the finished results. Though the fundamental rules are "broken" in creating this fun versatile shape it takes disciplines of the fundamentals to expand our minds to create it. As Pablo Picasso says "One must first learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist!"

S.S.S Seven Shag Haircut

  • This course is presented in modules breaking down the mindful approach to creating the S.S.S. 

    Follow modules in order to keep with the flow of the process..from the tools to use, mapping out the haircut, the haircut and detailing and finishing.  

    You'll need a mannequin head or live model and don't forget to download the head sheet for notes.

    Let's start and get creative



  • Following the step by step prepares you for the journey in this look and learn online along with a model and or mannequin. Post and tag your results.

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